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Photos we have taken during some of the events.

063-2020 – Teaching in progress

Today’s photo of the day, part of “a photo a day challenge 2020”, is one of the many images I’ve taken while teaching was in progress at CASS Executive Education, while supporting one of their programmes. I have chosen this image on purpose because of its focus on the lecturer’s hand holding a marker in the foreground and the blurred background, creating a layer of mistery and curiosity to the image. Like, comment & share!

Orange Pumpkin Dress – a Halloween Theme Photo Session

Halloween Theme Photo Session at Ozgo Productions with Diana dressed in an orange pumpkin dress playing with various orange objects. She started posing with a witch orange hat. Then she played with some tangerines, lining them up and throwing them in the air. Then she started playing with an orange telescope looking for the stars. She tried to connect an orange Lacie external hard drive to the iPad…unsuccessfully. She played with an orange Black & Decker drill machine, drilling imaginary holes in the air. Tried my Tissot watch with the orange wrist band. She organised documents in an orange plastic […]

New Donor Board Unveiled at Cass Business School

Cass marked a significant moment in its history as it unveiled a brand new Donor Board honouring those individuals and organisations who have supported the school, dating back to the 1960s.

Cass MSc Careers Fair 2014: Event photography

Check out some of the photos taken at The Cass MSc Careers Fair, at the etc. Venue at 200 Aldersgate, near St Pauls in London in 2014. It’s nice to see your work printed on 2015 Careers Fair Promotional book.

Kat’s 40th Birthday Party

The 40th birthday welcomes you into the beautiful “middle age.” This age does not have the casual immaturity of the youth, nor does it have a constant dependency of old age. You can enjoy your 40th birthday in quiet reflection on the four decades of a beautiful life. It is time for you to enjoy the little moments rather than focus on bigger events. Kat decided to make it special and chose a Tarantino theme party and I did my best to capture the most precious moments for eternity.