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All the video projects I’ve been involved in over the years.

Why You Need a Professional Videographer for Your Adult Birthday Celebration

Birthdays are the time when friends and families come together. During this special gatherings memories are made. Do you want to miss the action by filming it yourself? Let us help you. Ozgo Productions will create memories you will cherish forever. You plan it to enjoy it. Let the professionals film it. We use professional equipment to capture high quality audio and visuals of your event. Our camcorders are great in low light and our microphones can capture clear audio in very noisy environments. Below is an example of an adult birthday party we filmed recently. Make an Enquiry To […]

Poster adult birthday party videography in Essex

Daisy & Richard Wedding at Down Hall

Daisy and Richard had the most beautiful wedding at Down Hall. Such an absolute honour to capture this gorgeous day along with some awesome suppliers… Toastmaster: Keith Reading FGPT Band: The Peaky Blinders Photography: ​​Przemek   Venue: Down Hall Dance Floor: Decor Company Selfie: Magic Mirror

Daisy & Richard Wedding at Down Hall

Licensing Images for a Charity Project

Lucy Gaster contacted me and asked if she could use some of my drone images of Romford and Southend for a charity project she was working on. She didn’t have a huge budget, but needless to say the film is now finished, so if you’d like to take a look you can watch it here – Michael Landy’s Welcome to Essex – Documentary:

Licensing Images for a Charity Project blog post poster

Blackbox Stock Reel and Earnings

In July 2018, I got into stock footage and Blackbox is a platform that makes it easier for content creators to upload content. Below you will find my Blackbox stock reel to date and all the earnings. For other work, I do check my portfolio and get in touch if you think we can work together.

Stock demo reel 2019

Filming a 3 days conference in London – the gear and software we use

This post is mainly for my fellow producers, but not only. Pre-Production The Brief The client wanted a 3 days conference filmed with one camera in Full HD and each session edited into separate videos. Why film a conference? Below are some of the reasons why my client has chosen to film this conference: Video can be a fantastic marketing tool for prospective attendees Video can reach an audience not able to attend your conference. Ideas and discussions can be accessed well into the future. What equipment did I use and roughly how much did it cost? Obviously, the equipment […]

Filming a conference in London

How to film yourself using a smartphone/tablet?

If you want to learn how to film yourself with a smartphone, then this blog post is for you. However, for best results, I recommend using a professional videographer. Set Scenario Let’s assume you are a public speaker/lecturer and want to record yourself for 1 hour because you want to improve your performance by watching the video afterwards and share it with the world by posting it on YouTube. Ask yourself first Does quality matters?  If the answer is Yes, hire a professional – get in touch now If the answer is No, continue reading… 2. What do you want […]

How to film yourself with a smartphone or tablet

Coalhouse Fort at sunset

Coalhouse Fort is an artillery fort in the eastern English county of Essex and occupies a strategic location on the north bank of the River Thames, fronted by a moat and saltmarshes. It was built in the 1860s to guard the lower Thames against seaborne attack. It stands at Coalhouse Point on the north bank of the river, at a location near East Tilbury that was vulnerable to raiders and invaders.

Coalhouse Fort

Flying Mavic Air for the first time

I bought my DJI Mavic Air mainly because I wanted to be able to capture the world from a different vantage point and have another tool to help me create better videos. I also wanted my first drone to be cheap, portable, with good image quality, user-friendly and have decent battery life. The first time I flu my DJI Mavic Air drone was in Lodge Farm Park, Romford. After this flight, I was hooked. Since then, I got better at flying as you can see in these personal projects.

Lodge Farm Park, Romford

Videoclip la melodia N-am Nevoie

In Ianuarie 2018 am filmat in timpul inregistrarilor la melodia lui Franț intitulata N-am Nevoie iar acum vizionati varianta finala a acestul videoclip. Va recomand sa vizitati canalul oficial de pe YouTube Dacia Records unde ve-ti gasi mai multe melodii care merita asculate, fredonate si da-te mai departe.      

Videoclip Frant - N-am Nevoie

Taierea porcului de Craciun

Taierea porcului de Craciun este o veche tradiție românească. Totodata, Ignatul, cum i se mai zice prin unele tinuturi, face parte din procesul pregatirilor de iarna, când resursele sunt limitate și țăranul roman trebuie sa aibă rezerve sa răzbată iernii grele din România.

Tăierea porcului de Crăciun