Video Production

Our approach to Video Production

I put together a checklist of things to think about if you are considering creating a video for your business or special event about to happen in your life.

Every project will most likely have 3 main stages:

  1. Pre-Production
  2. Production
  3. Post Production

Stage 1 – Pre-Production – This is when everything is being planned

What type of video is?

Ozgo Productions has been specialising in cost-effective video production since 2012. We have lots of experience in presenting big ideas within the constraints of limited budgets. We offer video recording at your location, video editing, voice recording, and photography services. For those with larger budgets, we have access to scriptwriters and professional voice talent.

Call-to-Action – What do you want a viewer to do after watching your video?

After watching your video would you like for the client to “Call Now” for a consult!,  “Book Now”, “Hire us”

Time – How long should the videos be?

We can’t provide an accurate quote, let alone itemized invoice of services if we don’t know how long the finished video should be.

Audience – Who is the video for?

Let us know your target demographic. It might be necessary to produce different versions depending on the age segment you are aiming for, which means the final cost will increase.

Turnaround – When do you need the project locked and ready to go?

We are renowned for quick turnaround and great quality videos, that’s why probably clients come back for more, however, we would like to avoid procrastination and plan accordingly.

Talent – Who is in front of the camera?

Do you expect us to find on-screen talent or you and/or your team will be in front of the camera? Having us finding on-screen talent means that the final cost will increase.


We work with a number of talented Voiceover Artists, but this will depend on the nature of your video commissioned and your budget.

Copyright – Who owns the final video?

We do, however upon completion you will be granted a usage license depending on requirements. We’ll do our best that all the content used is either filmed/produced by us or appropriate licenses are acquired. Obviously, you have to make sure the content you are presented is not copyrighted or you have all the rights to use it.

Script Development

If a script is required, are you preparing the script or do you want us to do it for you? Either way, the production can’t start until you sign off on the script. Sometimes a timeline of the events is enough for us to get started.


Not always required but depending on your budget, we will bring storyboard artists on-board to illustrate your vision.

Graphics Concepts

Do you need text titles added, special transition or a specific look to the video? Normally, we can manage this in-house during the post-production stage, but we will bring graphic designer on-board to illustrate your vision.

Location Scouting

Where do you want to shoot the video? Multiple locations? Sometimes scouting location is required but obviously will depend on requirements and your budget.

Props and wardrobe

Identification and preparation if required and depending on your budget.


Obviously, the price will depend on requirements, but I like to provide a starting price to clients. For example, for Video Production Services start at £350 and Photography Services start at £150.


Every proposal will be custom made to fit your needs and will include some of the answers to the topics discussed above.


Due to the missed opportunity, I would take a non-refundable 25 % deposit if I block a specific date in the calendar, and would charge the full amount 14 days before the event/production day.

Stage 2 – Production

Production – This is the time of the action

Equipment Preparation

Before this step, we have to make sure all the necessary equipment is working and ready to go. On the day we set up the equipment and make sure camera settings, light, and audio are perfect.

Audio set-up

We will bring our own equipment but sometimes is more cost effective if we are able to take a feed from the P.A. system for recording the sound of a presentation when filming events. If wireless microphones will be used, then special frequencies might need to be purchased to avoid interferences with other frequencies already in use at that location.


We like to use a combination of natural light and artificial light. If we are unable to scout the location beforehand, we will appreciate if you could tell us in advance if:

– Are there any windows?
– Where is the sun positioned relative to the time of day that you have scheduled your shoot?
– Is there fluorescent lighting in the location (which can cause video flicker)?

Video Recording

For video recording, we use 1, 2 or as many professional camcorders are needed for outstanding HD video, but the final cost will increase.

Equipment De-rig

After the event, we pack everything and go home.


As soon as possible after the event, we backup all the footage and get everything ready for the next stage.

Stage 3 – Post Production

Post-Production – This is when we work with the raw material and puzzle it all together.

Video Editing

On the editing side, we use professional video editing software, DVD authoring, file conversions, graphics creation and audio production.

Visual Effects

Do you need text titles added, special transition or a specific look to the video? If not mentioned during consultations we might have to charge you extra and could delay delivery date or skip a round of revisions.


Will you need any additional, custom audio or background music? This is very important and could have legal implications if not treated properly. Depending on your budget we could find suitable music for the project or get a music producer on board to produce a tune just for you.


We deliver HD quality but if you need 4K or larger please let us know.

Aspect Ratio

By default, we deliver widescreen HD (16:9) but if you need a custom aspect ratio this should be discussed during consultations.

Video File Format

We deliver the final video in *.mp4 (Moving Pictures Expert Group 4) but if required, we could also deliver the video in other popular types of containers: *.AVI, *.WMV, *.MOV, or *.FLV.


We normally offer up to 3 drafts aka revisions included in the price. The second or third draft (if any) turnaround will depend on your feedback. The sooner the feedback the sooner we’ll be able to complete the project.

Physical Deliverables

Do you want the final video on a DVD disk, Blue-Ray disk or USB thumb-drive? Do you want the raw footage on an external hard drive? The time and process required to design and create a DVD or Blu-Ray disk are longer than the time required to transfer the final video to a USB thumb-drive which means that the cost will increase if DVD/Blu-Ray authoring is required.


We never lost or misplaced media ever but this could happen to anyone. We have backups in place and file naming conventions which will limit these events from happening. We do however delete raw footage after the project is finished so if you think you will need the raw footage for safekeeping, this can be arranged.