Our Wedding Photography Style

Our wedding photography style is all about atmosphere, emotion and fun. We choose angles and backgrounds that make everything look its best. Sometimes, we might have to create moments for maximum impact, but most of the time, we capture everything as it happens, with a close eye on light and composition. The resulting images are open and honest. You’ll get pictures showing people as they really are, but looking awesome while doing it.

How do we work?

Here is a set of services that we offer as a wedding photographer:

1. We Shoot

We’ll capture the wedding ceremony, reception, and important moments in high-quality photos using multiple cameras, lenses, and equipment for optimal angles and lighting.

2. We Edit

We’ll select and retouch the best photos to create a polished wedding album (if applicable) that tells your unique love story. This includes colour correction, cropping, and other enhancements for the best look.

3. We Deliver

We will be providing you with the finished images in your preferred formats, such as digital files, prints or a photo book.

For more information, you might find the FAQ section helpful.