Carnage in the chicken coop

Last night we’ve had an unexpected visit in the chicken coop with devastating results. Seven of our chickens were killed, two are missing and one managed to escape.

Carnage in the chicken coop

We don’t know for sure who did it, but we believe it was a ferret. A few chickens were decapitated, some I found dead. One was dragged and left in the garden. The ferret must have taken the chicken with grey feathers because was the fattest. I collected all of them and pilled them up in one place. To my surprise the chicken who escaped climbed on top to pay her respects, I presume or to show everyone what happens if anyone is messing with her. 🐔🤣

chicken sitting on top of a pile of dead chickens

Three of them I have boiled and feed to the cats and dog and the rest will feet the plants and trees.
After this experience we have learned that we have to secure the chicken coop better to avoid this from happening again.

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