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Isabelle’s 6th Birthday Party at Stay and Play

Isabelle’s 6th birthday party was a total success. She dressed in a Wonder Woman costume. Everyone else dressed in their favourite costume too. My daughter has chosen Elsa. They danced and jumped up and down for hours. Thought-out the evening they met their favourite heroes: Mickey & Mini Mouse, Peppa Pig & George, Spider-Man & Baby Shark, and to top it all up Moana, Belle, Anna, Elsa and Rapunzel. The highlight of the evening was the foam party on their favourited tunes. To quote my daughter: “was the best party ever”! Tips for my fellow photographers I used a Canon […]

Theme birthday party photography

The 40th birthday welcomes you into the beautiful “middle age.” This age does not have the casual immaturity of the youth, nor does it have a constant dependency of old age. You can enjoy your 40th birthday in quiet reflection on the four decades of a beautiful life. It is time for you to enjoy the little moments rather than focus on bigger events. Kat decided to make it special and chose a Tarantino theme party and I did my best to capture the most precious moments for eternity.