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Use AI to better your Photography

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized photography, fundamentally changing how we approach image capture. While much attention has been given to AI’s ability to generate images, this post will focus on how AI can empower beginner photographers and boost their confidence to participate in photography competitions. Reflecting on my past experiences as a member of the Preston Photography Society (2008-2010) and the Romford Camera Club (2015-2016), I recall the excitement of photography competitions. Back then, I often wished for an AI companion to provide feedback on my photos—whether it was about improving framing, enhancing colours, or adjusting contrast. With […]

Dall-E 2 AI is blowing my mind

DALL-E 2 AI is blowing my mind is an understatement. I uploaded a picture, and deleted sections of the photo. In the edit section I wrote down what I would like the AI to do. This is the picture I started with: I started with “Delete the van from the frame” Next I asked AI to “replace the van in the frame with more people walking” and this is what it did: The possibilities are endless. In the end I was happy with this image: Let’s see it before and after. Try it for yourself – it’s fun…for now!