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106-2020 – NHS

Today’s photo of the day, part of “a photo a day challenge 2020”, is about the National Health Service in the United Kingdom – NHS. I took this image in front of my house with Slow Shutter app on Bulb on my iPhone 11 Pro and used my wife’s phone with the torch turned on to paint the letters. The semi circles above supposed to mean a rainbow. Like, comment & share!

011-2020 – Light trails

I used Slow Shutter Cam app (£1.99) on iPhone 11 Pro to capture day 11’s photo of the day. Then I imported the photo in Lightroom mobile and adjusted the contrast, highlight and exposure to make it pop a little bit. If you are interested to see the original image, see below. If you are curious to see the other images I took, see below. In first image I didn’t like that only half of the bus was captured. In the second image, I did have captured the entire bus, but I had nothing interesting in the foreground. I decided […]