011-2020 – Light trails

I used Slow Shutter Cam app (£1.99) on iPhone 11 Pro to capture day 11’s photo of the day. Then I imported the photo in Lightroom mobile and adjusted the contrast, highlight and exposure to make it pop a little bit.

011-2020 Light trails

If you are interested to see the original image, see below.

Light trails original photo

If you are curious to see the other images I took, see below.

In first image I didn’t like that only half of the bus was captured.

Day 11 candidate image no. 1

In the second image, I did have captured the entire bus, but I had nothing interesting in the foreground.

Day 11 candidate image no. 2

I decided to sit down and try a long exposure shot. This is my first attempt at 60 seconds shutter speed.

Day 11 candidate image no. 3, at 60 sec shutter speed

It was clear to me that my subject was the roundabout, so I started to move around and try to find where to position my small Manfrotto Pixi tripod.

Day 11 candidate image no. 4

I didn’t find where to securely set up my tripod so I tried a few more handheld shots. In this image a bus was coming from my right hand side, turning right and the Plough & Tractor Pub is on the left.

Plough & Tractor Pub, Basildon

If you are curious about the settings I used in Show Shutter Cam app, see below. Keep in mind that the shutter speed is set for 60 seconds, but I have stopped the capture after a few seconds because it was windy, cold, handholding the phone and kind of blocking the view for the cars entering the roundabout.

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