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298-2020 – Vineyard Sunrise

Today’s photo of the day, part of “a photo a day challenge 2020”, is vineyard sunrise image from Brănești, Galati, România. It’s true, the best times to take images are the sunrises and sunsets. Just look at the colours and tell me I’m wrong. Like, comment & share!

037-2020 – St Paul’s Cathedral in the morning sun

Today’s photo of the day is another photo of St Paul’s Cathedral in the morning sun, shot from the top of One New Change Shopping Centre in London. I was actually inside the lift, on my way down when I snap this photo. But the actual photo of the day is the edited version, done entirely on my iPhone 11 Pro in Lightroom. I pay £9.98/mo for Lightroom & Photoshop and is totally worth it. Being able to use the Spot Removal Tool, Crop and Color Correct on my phone is really mind-blowing and the quality is decent when viewed […]