025-2020 – Mr. Rabbit

Day 25/366, part of a photo a day challenge 2020, is dedicated to Mr. Rabbit and his hilarious behaviour that made my daughter laugh with tears.
Everything started when Diana, my daughter asked me:

– Daddy, what‘s this?

– I said, it’s a display cabinet to store plates. Would you like me to make you some plates?

– Yes please, said Diana.

Display cabinet with cardboard plates on the shelves

I started cutting pieces of cardboard, into round objects, pretending to be plates. Then, I found an empty cardboard box and made a table out of it. Next, we sat the dollies and Mr. Rabbit at the table and started an imaginary conversation between them. Diana joined in the conversation and she couldn’t stop laughing. It’s amazing how much fun you can have with an empty Happy Monkey cardboard box, two dollies, a soft toy rabbit and a few made up stories.

025-2020 – Mr. Rabbit sitting at the table with two dollies

That’s why the photo of the day 25 goes to Mr. Rabbit and his made up stories that made my daughter laugh so hard.

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