Sighișoara in a day

Sighișoara is a city on the Târnava Mare River in Mureș County, Romania. Located in the historic region of Transylvania, Sighisoara is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Visit the Clock Tower

The Clock Tower will be one of the easiest towers to spot, and is undoubtedly the most famous tower in Sighisoara.

Visit Sighisoara’s Guild Towers

While there were originally 14 guild towers, currently there are only 9 remaining. Currently you can still find the following guild towers in the citadel of Sighisoara:

  • Turnul Cu Ceas – The Clock Tower (above images)
  • Turnul Cizmarilor – The Bootmakers’ Tower( see image of the left)
  • Turnul Fierarilor – The Ironsmiths’ Tower
  • Turnul Croitorilor – The Tailors’ Tower
  • Turnul Macelarilor – The Butchers’ Tower
  • Turnul Cositorarilor – The Tinsmiths’ Tower
  • Turnul Franghierilor – The Ropemakers’ Tower
  • Turnul Tabacarilor – The Tanners’ Tower
  • Turnul Cojocarilor – The Furriers’ Tower

Visit the Church on the Hill and the only ancient Crypt in Transylvania

This church is the most important monument of religious architecture in Sighisoara and is one of the great churches of Transylvania, being the third largest. Located at an altitude of 429 meters, on the Hilltop School, the church dominates by its massiveness the entire city and it is visible from a great distance almost from all directions.

Wonder the Sighisoara’s colourful streets

Most of Sighisoara’s citadel is made up of rows and rows of brightly painted burgher houses.

Fortress Square (Piata Cetatii) is Sighisoara’s main plaza and has beautiful facades on all four sides. 

The Stag House (the pink building with the deer antler, pictured above) and The Venician House are considered Sighisoara’s finest architectural accomplishments.

Stop and have your dinner at Hanul Cetatii

While you wait for your dinner enjoy the antiques in their courtyard.

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