002-2020 – Waiting for the train

The first time I used the phone this morning was when I prepared my breakfast. I thought for a second to snap a photo and use it as 002-2020, but then I realised that every morning I would be tempted to take the easy route and get the job done regardless of the countless opportunities that may arise throughout the day. So, I checked my emails and put the phone back in the pocket.
As I was walking to the train station, I was thinking what kind of photos should be part of the challenge? A few ideas popped into my head.

If I finish the task in the morning will I miss out on greater photo opportunities?

When I created “A photo a day challenge,” I said that I will take and post AT LEAST one photo a day. That means that I could take and post as many pictures as I want, but only one of them will be chosen to represent THE PICTURE OF THE DAY.
As I was sitting down waiting for my train, I thought what if what I see now would be THE SECOND PICTURE OF THE YEAR? Snap!

After judging the photo for a few seconds, I decided is not as good as it can be, so I switched to the widest lens and snapped again.

As soon as I took the photo, I saw someone coming along and said to myself – that’s IT … and snapped again for the third time.

Waiting for the train, 2 January 2020

I boarded the half-empty train and started writing this post. The pictures were resized and the copy was ready by the time I reached Barking. The only thing left to do was to find a name to my image, add tags and add it to the correct category.
I have decided to name my image “Waiting for the train” and so far is the SECOND photo of the year! But it’s only 7:38 am and I have only been awake for almost 2 hours.

Is it fair to say that this should be the picture of the day?
Who said that the challenge must be fair, or hard work, or professional? At the same time, at the end of the challenge, looking back, I want to be proud of my work and content with my decision not to go for the low hanging fruits, put some thoughts into this project and temper my impulses to finish the task as quickly as possible, regardless of the quality. Will see about that…for now, I hit Publish!

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