A Sunday afternoon in London

A Sunday afternoon in London

If you live in London and the sun is out you must go out. This is what I did but it wasn’t easy. The temptation to watch TV was so big. I googled a few minutes to find something to do. I decided I’ll go to Tate Britain. I had a feeling that I would change my mind but I didn’t care, I just wanted a reason to go out.

Once inside the tube I change my mind and decided to stop at St. Paul Station. I went inside the Cathedral and admired the interior and the solemn music they were playing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to take photographs because the greedy bastards want to sell their own albums. This is their official explanation:
“Even outside of service times St Paul’s is a place where visitors can seek solace and comfort. Photography can be very distracting, especially when you take into consideration the large number of visitors that come into the building on a daily basis.
In the past St Paul’s has, as an experiment, relaxed the photography rule. However, the combination of camera flashes and groups queuing up to pose for photographs under the dome led to the conclusion that allowing photography would greatly detract from the spiritual life of the Cathedral.”
Bullshit! I’ve been to so many other churches, in different countries and occasionally the only restriction was no flash photography. How come that St Paul Cathedral is the only cathedral that doesn’t allow photography?
A bit pissed off I left St Paul Cathedral and went towards Tate Modern. I spent some time outside the museum watching the soap bubble man making bubbles.



After that, I went straight to the Cafe on the 6th floor for a cappuccino and a breathtaking view of St. Paul Cathedral.


After the coffee break, I reviewed the artwork and most of them were amazing, but some of them intrigued me and I wonder why anyone would consider this art? For example, this tray, my grandma used to have a few laying around?

Where I work, every lecture theatre has one painting like this. We call it a projection screen. We could even pull it down or lift it up as we like and if I want I could find a profound explanation for the black spots that my ‘artwork’ has.

This reminds me of the grey photographic background that I use at work. I should wrap it around a wooden frame and hang it on the wall.


Tuttle’s Paper Octagonals are paper shapes he cut from a template and glued to the wall. This is white paper glued to a white wall. The orientation of the shape can vary from one installation to the next.

I just realised that I missed a spot when I painted my walls. It looks like a hexagon. Once noticed it becomes strangely present.


Arguably this is the cheapest painting on canvas, considering that the author, Lucio Fontana executed the pre-meditated cuts instantly. He claimed ‘I have constructed, not destroyed.’ Please don’t try to start any ‘constructions’ on your body.


After my mind had some food now my stomach wanted something to eat. I suddenly start craving Korean food (not that I had before, but I watched a programme on TV the other day). I googled quickly and found a few restaurants in Soho.
After I got off the bus at Piccadilly Circus I entered by mistake Prezzo Italian restaurant and suddenly I remembered what I really wanted to eat. Quickly I googled for Brazilian steak house Rodizio Preto and found one, 4 minutes away.
I filled my plate with salad and enjoyed all the 16 different kinds of steak. When you sit down they give you a card, green on one side and red on the other side. The waiters are moving from table to table with various kinds of steak on a skewer and if your card is facing the green side up they stop and give you some meat. If you think you had enough or you want to take a break you have to turn the card on the other side. It’s not cheap, but if you want to have a treat from time to time this is the place to go. I end up paying £27 for the steak experience, a Corona and service.



On my way home I stopped in Trafalgar Square where lots of people were celebrating for the first time the Turkish day in London.


I tried to get the district line from Embankment but the station was closed for engineering work. I went across the river again and took these photos before I decided to call it the day.


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