London Marathon 2014

Today was a great day for running. Not too hot and not too cold. Chris and I decided to capture a few moments of this glorious day. We were not the only one. The BBC cameraman was ready too.IMG_1461 (Large)

IMG_1468 (Large)

IMG_1480 (Large)

IMG_1496 (Large)

IMG_1490 (Large)

This is Chris in action, testing his new Canon M camera, a nifty little camera – good value for the money.

IMG_1768 (Large)

600m before the finish line we found a gap in the fence and stopped there to grab some images of the amazing people that had the courage to join the race. Some of the outfits are quite spectaculars.

IMG_1742 (Large)

IMG_1738 (Large) IMG_1708 (Large) IMG_1690 (Large)

IMG_1593 (Large)

IMG_1585 (Large)

IMG_1589 (Large)

IMG_1606 (Large)

IMG_1564 (Large)

IMG_1578 (Large)

IMG_1632 (Large) IMG_1623 (Large) 

For some of them, getting over the finish line was not an easy task. Making it so far is a great achievement anyway.

IMG_1621 (Large) IMG_1627 (Large)

IMG_1600 (Large)     IMG_1576 (Large)

IMG_1571 (Large)

After just 2 hours after departure the winner to be, the Kenyan world-record holder, Wilson Kipsang passes the Big  Ben

IMG_1531 (Large)IMG_1530 (Large)

IMG_1533 (Large)

Congratulations to all those who participated in the London Marathon 2014.

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