Annual Colour Print Competition 2017

Annual Colour Print Competition 2017

On 8th March 2017, Romford Camera Club organised the Annual Colour Print competition judged by Marilyn Steward ARPS DPAGB EFIAP.

I have entered 4 prints into the competition and the judge scored all 65 images with points from 1-20 and choose a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Canary Wharf – scored 17 points.

Canary Wharf by Augustin Galatanu

St. Paul Cathedral at Sunset – 18 points


Tower Bridge – 18 points


Lavender field – 18 points


Interesting fact, out of the 4 images Canary Wharf won 1st place in September monthly print competition (judged internally) and St. Paul Cathedral at Sunset managed to get a “Highly Commended” award in ‘Stan Doe Colour Print Competition’ – Judge: Mike Fuller. The other 2 images didn’t score as well however they managed to score higher in the annual print competition with this judge.
Bottom line, every judge will see your work differently, usually they will spot the same mistakes, sometimes your work will not inspire them at all, or maybe they will miss your point altogether,  but in the end, let’s not forget that judging photography competitions it is very subjective matter, so don’t take it personal and keep on taking images.

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