First place in monthly print competition

In August 2016 I have joined Romford Camera Club and my image won first place in the monthly print competition.

If you are into photography and you live in Romford I totally recommend joining Romford Camera Club. People there are nice and friendly and you might learn one or two things about photography on the side.

They meet every Wednesday evening, from 8-10pm. At least once a month there are competitions, either print or digital and from time to time external judges come in and choose the best of the best images the club members have to show.

On the 21 September 2016, they have had the monthly print competition. Each participant supposed to hand in their print(s), at least 15 minutes before 8 pm.

Hours before the competition…

I have chosen 3 of my best images, transferred them on a USB stick and run to SnappySnaps in Romford to print them. Total cost £45 but because I left it till the last minute I had to shut up and pay up. I know for a fact that I would have got a better deal printing them online.

With the prints secured, now I had to mount them. A few months prior I bought 8 mounts from and this was the perfect time to use them. Because each photo had a different size only one fitted the predefined mount so I had no choice but to enter that one into the competition.

At the end of the night that photo won 1st place out of 25 other images. This is a link to the Romford Camera Club website where my name is “carved up” for posterity and a digital copy of the winning photo below.

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