Coral Reef Tour and Bannister Caye, Belize

In this post, I would like to share a few images from Coral Reef Tour to Bannister Caye Island in Belize while onboard the Carnival Valor, back in May 2006.

In Belize, Cruise ships can’t dock so they have to tender, meaning that we had to queue up and get onboard smaller boats and taken ashore. Luckily, I didn’t have to queue for too long because I was Staff assigned to film various excursions organised by Carnival’s Shore Excursion’s team. It takes about 30 minutes on a fast boat, but I use to enjoy the tender ride. The picture below was taken from onboard one of the tender boats and is depicting Carnival Miracle, and small tender boats waiting to pick up passengers and take them ashore.

Carnival Miracle in Belize

The friendly crew in charge of securing the tender boat to the ship so people can safely embark/debark.

Getting ready for tender

Our tour commenced with an enjoyable boat ride, from the ship to the beautiful private tropical island of Bannister Caye, that lies on top of the largest Barrier Reef.

On the way, we stopped for snorkelling and Snuba diving. Snuba is the perfect cross between snorkelling and scuba diving. While breathing through a regulator that’s connected to an air supply that floats comfortably at the water’s surface, Snuba allows you to explore the underwater world, 2 feet, 10 feet or even 20 feet – without any certification or heavy, cumbersome air tanks.

After the snorkelling adventure, we continued our journey until we reached our final destination –  Bannister Caye Island.

Bannister Caye, Belize

While some of us were sunbathing on the pier or enjoying rum punch under the umbrella some of us were working hard (hardly working).

Me holding the camcorder

I really enjoyed my time with Carnival Cruise Lines and if you follow this blog you will shortly understand why.

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