How to make a timelapse video (the easy way)

Timelapse Video

The easiest way to make a timelapse video is to purchase a camera that has this function. Some people call it a time-lapse maker. One of the cameras which has this feature is Canon Powershot G16.

Setup start time-lapse movie on Canon G16
Timelapse video on Canon G16 infographic

I take this camera with me everywhere. With this camera, I capture most of my travel images and time-lapses. Check out my Backpacking Cuba blog post.

Usually, I select the 120 minutes option when taking a timelapse. The best thing about it – no computer or specialised software needed.

Watch my 10 seconds timelapse below or check out my Portfolio:

Timelapse video of the night sky in Romania.

Star trails

In order to take a star trail image the camera must stay still and the subject should be moving. Set the camera to the star trail setting and come back when it is finished. For example, while in Thassos Holiday I captured this image below with the same Canon G16 camera.

startrails in skala Rachoni, Thassos, Greece
Star trails in Thassos

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