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Tips and tricks when I have learned over the years that will make your life easier.

How did Google Translate help me?

Google Translate and Google assistant are very useful tools. So far I used Google translate on a few occasions to help me reverse the menu of a few monitors from Chinese to English or to read the Menu in a few restaurants in Turkey. The best part is that you don’t even need to know what language the text is written in. Just use Detect language feature. Numerous apps, websites and devices have the ability to translate between different languages. However, Google has two apps that can translate on iOS/iPadOS and Android smartphones if you ever need to interpret a […]

165-2020 – Egg underwater

Today’s photo of the day, part of “a photo a day challenge 2020”, is of a broken egg underwater. It looks like a big nose under a helmet. What do you see? Leave a message below. This is the second part of the session I started last night when I photographed a strawberry floating in water. I started setup around 11pm so In the first session I only had time to shoot, edit and post the strawberry. After midnight, meaning today, I resumed my photo session and these are some of the images I am kind of happy with. The […]

How to reset any Synology NAS

Recently I have changed internet providers and my Synology NAS stopped working. Luckily, every Synology NAS server comes with a RESET button, which contains two types of modes: The first reset mode allows you to reset the network settings especially if you move your Synology NAS to another network environment – exactly what I needed. The second reset mode will wipe out all the systems configurations, allowing you to reinstall the operating system Disk Station Manager The second reset mode will include the first but I didn’t need it so I only did the first reset. To reset the administrator […]

How to fix Contact Form 7 and reCAPTCHA v3 error message

I used to get this message after I filled out the Contact form on my WordPress website: “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.” First, I deleted the reCAPTCHA keys from Contact form Integration module which came with Contact Form 7. To do that, in the WordPress admin panel, I went to Contact>Integration>reCAPTCHA and deleted the site and secret key and hit Save Changes. (see image below). Then, I installed and activated the following plugin: ” Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha “. Select your reCaptcha version. Make sure to use site key […]

How I fixed Contact Form 7 error message

Filming a 3 days conference in London – the gear and software we use

This post is mainly for my fellow producers, but not only. Pre-Production The Brief The client wanted a 3 days conference filmed with one camera in Full HD and each session edited into separate videos. Why film a conference? Below are some of the reasons why my client has chosen to film this conference: Video can be a fantastic marketing tool for prospective attendees Video can reach an audience not able to attend your conference. Ideas and discussions can be accessed well into the future. What equipment did I use and roughly how much did it cost? Obviously, the equipment […]

Filming a conference in London

How to photoshop a face onto another body (step-by-step and video)

If you prefer, you can watch the same tutorial on my YouTube Channel. Following the Halloween spirit, I swapped my face onto my daughter’s body (and vice-versa) using Adobe Photoshop and if you want to achieve something similar, follow these steps: Step 1 – Duplicate layer Step 2 – Select the Lasso Tool Step 3 – Make a selection around the face Step 4 – Right-click and choose Layer via Copy Step 5 – Rename layer Step 6 – Make a selection around the second face Step 7 – Right-click and choose Layer via Copy Step 8 – Rename the […]

How to film yourself using a smartphone/tablet?

If you want to learn how to film yourself with a smartphone, then this blog post is for you. However, for best results, I recommend using a professional videographer. Set Scenario Let’s assume you are a public speaker/lecturer and want to record yourself for 1 hour because you want to improve your performance by watching the video afterwards and share it with the world by posting it on YouTube. Ask yourself first Does quality matters?  If the answer is Yes, hire a professional – get in touch now If the answer is No, continue reading… 2. What do you want […]

How to film yourself with a smartphone or tablet

How to make a time-lapse video

Time-lapse video The easiest way to make a timelapse video is to purchase a camera that has this function. Some people call it a time-lapse maker. One of the cameras which has this feature is Canon Powershot G16. I take this camera with me everywhere. With this camera, I capture most of my travel images and time-lapses. Check out my Backpacking Cuba blog post. Usually, I select the 120 minutes option when taking a timelapse. The best thing about it – no computer or specialised software needed. Watch my 10 seconds timelapse below or check out my Portfolio: Another way […]

Time-lapse video of the night sky

Tower Bridge at night

Tower Bridge at night Trying to photograph a city scape after sunset it’s a bit tricky but not impossible. Most of today’s cameras are able to capture good photos even on auto but if you want better results you will need to: