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Filming a 3 days conference in London – the gear and software we use

This post is mainly for my fellow producers, but not only. Pre-Production The Brief The client wanted a 3 days conference filmed with one camera in Full HD and each session edited into separate videos. Why film a conference? Below are some of the reasons why my client has chosen to film this conference: Video can be a fantastic marketing tool for prospective attendees Video can reach an audience not able to attend your conference. Ideas and discussions can be accessed well into the future. What equipment did I use and roughly how much did it cost? Obviously, the equipment […]

Filming a conference in London

How to photoshop a face onto another body (step-by-step and video)

If you prefer, you can watch the same tutorial on my YouTube Channel. Following the Halloween spirit, I swapped my face onto my daughter’s body (and vice-versa) using Adobe Photoshop and if you want to achieve something similar, follow these steps: Step 1 – Duplicate layer Step 2 – Select the Lasso Tool Step 3 – Make a selection around the face Step 4 – Right-click and choose Layer via Copy Step 5 – Rename layer Step 6 – Make a selection around the second face Step 7 – Right-click and choose Layer via Copy Step 8 – Rename the […]