266-2020 – Cutting Firewood with a Chainsaw

Today’s photo of the day, part of “a photo a day challenge 2020”, is about cutting firewood with a chainsaw.

Cutting Firewood with a Chainsaw

I have no experience cutting firewood with a chainsaw, but our neighbour Gabi offered to help. He brought his own Stihl chainsaw and heavy duty wood log splitter. Tomorrow will have to stack all the firewood inside, next to the fireplace.
Winters are harsh in Romania, and for that reason we have to prepare in advance, while the sun is still shining, because is not advisable to use wet or green wood in the fireplace. If you do, you might expect the following:

  • Minimal heat output from the fire
  • Short burning times
  • Carbon monoxide buildup

Like wine, firewood has to age, which is also called seasoning or curing the wood. We kept the wood outside. Apparently you should keep it for at least six months before using it. Obviously it needs to be protracted from rain and snow, stacked bark-side down so the moisture can continue to easily evaporate from the wood. Keep the stack not taller than 1,3 m.
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