Fun day at Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth beach is my favourite beach in the UK. The weather was crisp and windy that day at Bournemouth beach. The sun was coming in and out of the clouds and temperature was around 20 degrees celsius but felt like 16. The water was cold, but some people actually went for a swim. I didn’t. At 9am the beach was almost deserted, but we were determined to have a great day.

The fun began with the Super Mario bouncy Castle. Dominick was first to try it.



Around lunch time Dominick met Jason and the real fun began.

_MG_1317 _MG_1367 _MG_1343

In case you are curious about the settings I’ve been using to freeze the action here there are: 1/1250, F2.8, ISO 100 usually at 200mm.

After the fun photographs I took the opportunity to grab a few family portraits Dominick and his parents, Beatrice and Bogdan.



…and a few snaps of Jason with his dad, Sorin.

_MG_1424 _MG_1456 _MG_1494 _MG_1388

The boys are not the only ones that had fun that day…

_MG_1525 _MG_1213

Izabela Buta

…and to wrap it all up a great photo of Iza and me.


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