272-2020 – Passion Fruit

Today’s photo of the day, part of “a photo a day challenge 2020”, is of a passion fruit cut in half on a black background.

Passion Fruit on a black background

Know when to stop shooting!

This is the first shot out of 3 in total. After the 3rd shot, I decided that the first image will suffice, so I stopped shooting. I took the card out of the camera and went upstairs and started editing on Adobe Lightroom Classic. I imported the 3 images and gave the first image 3 stars. Usually, when I have more images, this star rating helps me sort out the images I have to edit and discard the rest.

Editing Style

My editing style is clean, simple and minimal. I like my images to represent reality as much as possible. I brighten up the shadow area of the first half to see the shape of the fruit. I exported the image with the two presets I’ve created, one for web usage and a full-resolution version.

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