049-2020 – Pretty Like Mommy

After dinner, my daughter went upstairs and started playing with her toys. I could hear her talking to her friends, nothing new so far. After a while, silence. I run upstairs to find my daughter using her mom’s makeup kit. When asked why is she doing this, her answer was priceless: “I want to look pretty like mommy!”

I want to look like mommy

This now became the photo of the day.
Before deciding on today’s photo of the day, part of “a photo a day challenge 2020”, I had a few candidates in mind.

Initially, I thought the image of Fenchurch St. Station below might be today’s photo of the day, but I didn’t like the sky, so I decided to wait until I get home.

Fenchurch St. Station on a rainy day

When I got home, I started preparing dinner. Today we had rabbit with mash potato. Because we rarely have rabbit for dinner, I thought I will be using the photo below as the photo of the day.

Cooked rabbit in a tray

No, you can’t have the recipe and yes, the rabbit tasted phenomenal – almost like chicken.
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  1. Lil

    High skilled photographer.
    A very true delight for eye and soul, perfect clarity of magical moments taken from bits of reality.