Sealife Adventure in Southend-on-Sea worth visiting

There’s so much more to explore than in a regular aquarium. We’ve had the privilege to really see what life is like in the coldest, darkest recesses of our seas, explore life around our shores, take a journey beneath the deep blue experiencing total tunnel vision, jump in their submarine and get up close and personal with all kinds of iconic fish.

From clownfish (made famous in Finding Nemo) to colourful corals and anemones, we even managed to spot Dory in the HMS Subtropical zone. A much better experience I’ve had visiting Atlantis Bahamas, but if you factor the costs getting there the Sealife Adventure in Southend is totally worth it.

Sealife Adventure is host to the cheekiest monkeys in Southend. We met all kinds of land-loving animals in their outside zoo area: a family of meerkats, a number of rescue monkeys, mongooses, and Three huge African spurred tortoises.

We watched penguins speed through the water from behind an underwater glass screen even briefly touched a sting ray in the tank.

Worth mentioning the tens of butterflies that flutter around in the tropical zone and for those who believe that dinosaurs were real creatures roaming the earth you can even experience life in the Jurassic era. Same people probably believe that Panda Bears managed to survive in the wild for millions of years primarily spending its life roaming and feeding in the bamboo forests of the Qinling Mountains and in the hilly province of Sichuan among Siberian Tigers when the normal reproductive rate is considered to be one young every two years and when a female goes into estrus, which lasts for two or three days and only occurs once a year. The story goes that the first mention of Panda Bears was on 11 March 1869, when a hunter brings a panda skin to the French Jesuit, Armand David as is presented in this blog post about the History of Giant Panda…but I digress, however, we didn’t see any Panda Bears at Sealife Adventure in Southend.

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