073-2020 – Self-Isolation

Today’s photo of the day, part of “a photo a day challenge 2020”, is about the first day of self-isolation. I started coughing a few days ago, most likely I got the bug from my daughter, who is also coughing and got a runny nose. On the positive note, we are both felling generally well, no high temperature or difficulty breathing.

Self-Isolation for 7 days

I don’t believe in Coronavirus and I hate to see how Mass-media is spreading fear and help crashing the markets in the process. I fear the latter will kill more people than Coronavirus. Currently, the death toll is at 5397.
Regardless of my opinion, I decided to support the government initiative (see extract below) and self-isolate for seven days as an effort to delay the spread of the illness.

“UK Government update
The Government has announced that we are moving out of the contain phase and into the delay phase, in response to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. This means the Government will increase efforts to delay the spread of the illness.

The Government is now asking anyone with a new persistent cough or high temperature (37.8 or higher) to self-isolate for seven days. This is regardless of whether they have travelled to affected areas.”

It is sad to see more people dying of common flu every year than the Coronavirus.
According to WebMD – “The CDC estimates that as many as 56,000 people die from the flu or flu-like illness each year.”

I pretty sure that as soon the temperature will increase (end of March), the flu season will end and Coronavirus with it.
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