360 photography with an iPhone

These are my steps for 360 photography, including the equipment and software I use.

Equipment and software required:

Camera: iPhone 11 Pro (you might be able to use any smartphone/tablet with IOS or Android OS)

Software: Google Street View

Step 1

Download Google Street View from Apple’s App Store and Open it.

Download Google Street View from Apple’s App Store

Step 2

Press the camera icon in the lower right-hand corner, then Camera again.

Step 3

Hold the phone vertically and target the orange dot, rotating in a circle until I cover the full sphere.

Step 4

When complete, the orange checkmark will become green and the app will start stitching the set of images into a 360 photosphere, which will look like this in the camera roll (see image below).

360 photo sphere

Step 5

Publish them to Google Street View, Facebook (see below images) or a blog post like this one if I choose to.


  • Take your time when targeting the orange dot, especially in low light situations, otherwise, images will come out blurry after the stitching.
  • Look for a large room with high ceilings and lots of light or an open area like a square or park where you can stand in the middle.
  • Avoid standing too close to a building, or straight lines in general, because the stitching won’t work very well. I am happy with at least 5 m/16 ft clear and uniform space around me.

You will also need a Google/Facebook account.

Feel free to check out my 360 images on Google Street View.

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