Macro Photography

Macro Photography (photographing small objects to make them look larger in the photo) is a form of photography that I always liked but never had the tools to do… properly. To get the ball rolling I finally decided to get an entry-level macro lens and start experimenting. This lens is not even available anymore but you might find similar products.

One of the first images captured with this lens was in my garden behind the shed where this garden spider with a white cross on its back was hanging out. (no pun intended). I have to admit that I am a bit afraid of spiders and not an expert on the matter. Maybe, that’s why I missed the fact that this particular ‘beauty’ had a missing leg. See the image below.

Garden spider with a white cross on its back
Garden spider with a white cross on its back

The good thing is that you can use the same lens for portraits as well.

A child dressed in a red coat eating a yellow watermelon

It’s really nice when you can get very close to the plants and see details which normally I don’t pay attention to.

A pink raspberry on a blue plastic slide

Did you notice how hairy the stems are?

A green tomato on a vine

A few more images for your entertainment…

Carrot flower close up
Top-down view of a carrot’s flower
White Orchids Flowers
A close-up of my daughter’s face

Macro Photography is not the only kind of work I do. You might want to check my Wedding Portfolio where I am planning to use my new lens to get awesome images of the rings or details in the bride’s dress for example.

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