Must see places in Romania

Must see places in Romania

My holiday in Romania started catching up with friend in Galati. Before trying the “snake’s bite’ home made Romanian moonshine I had to ask for something to eat first. If I learned anything in life until now is that if you ever plan on drinking make sure you eat first!


 Going back 11 years here we are again at the same table.

Hai noroc

The next few day I spent quality time with my family in Branesti. It was my father’s birthday. My sister Laura was there too with her husband Marcello and the two children, Nadia and Mario. After an amazing diner we jumped straight in the pool. The sun was about to set but it was still warm.

IMG_3433IMG_3530   IMG_3476 IMG_3470 IMG_3488IMG_3521IMG_3461 IMG_3443

In the evening my dad asked me to help picking up apples from the orchard. He forgot to mention that in the evening the orchard is full with mosquitos. We managed to pick up the apples but at a cost. We came back full of mosquito bites and we had to use lots of cream to treat the swelling.

IMG_3544 IMG_3538    IMG_3535IMG_3564IMG_3548IMG_3584

Back in Galati we started planing for the next adventure. We were thinking going to the seaside but the weather forecast didn’t look too good so we end up going to Dolhasca, near Suceva. As soon we got there we gathered some wood and started the fire. While Kystoc was making the BBQ I was experimenting with my camera.


IMG_6509IMG_6513IMG_3649IMG_6522IMG_6507 IMG_6529

The day after we went to Suceava to visit an old castle, ‘Cetatea de Scaun’ where use to live one of the greatest ruler of Modova, Stefan the Great.



On the way back we stopped for some souvenirs and family portraits.

IMG_3626 IMG_3719 IMG_3729 IMG_3741 IMG_3748 IMG_3680

We’ve reach our destination before sunset. Red Lake is a barrier lake in the Eastern Carpathians chain in Harghita CountyRomania. The name of “Lacul Roșu” comes from the reddish alluvia deposited in the lake by the Red Creek.

IMG_3802 IMG_3783

We had tea and a group photo to capture the moment forever.


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